A Pilot's Accident Review


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We often learn best by reviewing the mistakes of others. To this end, author John Lowery provides an in-depth analysis of prominent aviation accidents to illustrate the potential dangers during each phase of flight and the psychology behind pilot error. Lowery also demonstrates how a chain of errors—often originating from a pilot’s support team—can precipitate into fatal accidents. An understanding of these factors is key to training to become safer, more effective pilots-in-command.

A Pilot’s Accident Review provides pilots with a study of safety procedures in intense circumstances, and a survey of high-profile incidents designed to build awareness of the most preventable factors in pilot error. Covered are the primary causes of CFIT, as well as the human factors that can precipitate accidents—particularly complacency, over-confidence, and compulsion. Lowery discusses at length the JFK, Jr. and Concorde accidents, and those involving Frank Sinatra’s mother, Reba McIntire’s band, John Denver and Wiley Post.

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人們經常從錯誤中學習。因此,作者John Lowery 為著名和重要的航空事故進行深入的分析,說明在飛行每個階段潛在的危險以及飛行員在失誤背後的心理。Lowery 還演示了一系列錯誤是如何發生的,例如通常都是來自飛行員的支援隊伍和可能引發致命事故。了解這些因素是希望可以訓練成為更安全、更有效的機長的關鍵。

事故審查為飛行員提供了在激烈情況下安全程序的研究和建立對飛行員失誤中最可預防因素之認識和對備受矚目的事件進行調查。涵蓋了 CFIT 的主要原因,以及可能引發事故的人為因素——特別是自滿、過度自信和強迫。Lowery 詳細討論了 JFKJr. 和Concorde的事故,和涉及 Frank Sinatra 的母親、Reba McIntire 的樂隊、John Denver Wiley Post 的事故。


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