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The most comprehensive, award-winning aviation weather book in the industry. Covers in detail the latest METAR, TAF and graphic weather products from AC00-45E, Aviation Weather Services. International weather and accident/incident information is included to add relevance to the weather data. Expanded coverage of icing, weather hazards and flight planning. Review questions with answers at the end of the book.
  • Over 500 full-color illustrations and photographs
  • Covers topics like icing, weather hazards, and flight planning
  • Reviews material with questions with answers at the end of the book
  • Appendices cover common conversions, weather reports, forecasts, and charts, as well as domestic and international METAR, TAF, and graphic weather products
  • Includes international weather considerations
  • Examples of accidents/incidents helps illustrate the weather data

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業內最全面、屢獲殊榮的航空氣象書。 詳細介紹了來自 AC00-45E、航空氣象服務的最新 METARTAF 和氣象圖形產品。 包括國際天氣和事故/事件信息以增加與天氣數據的相關性。 甚至擴大了學習的覆蓋範圍包括結冰、天氣災害和飛行計劃。



  • 超過 500 張全彩色插圖和照片
  • 涵蓋結冰、天氣災害和飛行計劃等主題
  • 書末附有練習和答案的參考材料
  • 附錄涵蓋常見的轉換、天氣報告、預報和圖表,以及國內和國際 METARTAF 和圖形天氣產品
  • 包括國際天氣因素
  • 事故/事件示例有助於說明天氣數據


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