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Feel the power of all of your favorite aircraft with Saitek Industries' Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant. Whereas many flight sim gamers are limited to the mercy of their mouse and keyboard to manipulate the aircraft controls, this remarkably realistic power quadrant lets you aviate just like you would in an actual airplane. The 3-lever quadrant features lifelike throttle, mixture, and propeller controls that allow you to input hands-on control adjustments - including the use of reverse thrust. Additionally, the unit features a trio of 2-way rocker switches that deliver up to 6 potential button inputs - ideal for deploying flaps, adjusting trim inputs, and a variety of other flight-deck-friendly uses.

Compatible with Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 operating systems. Features Saitek's Smart Technology (SST) software that enables users to customize control functionality to best accommodate their unique gaming styles.


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使用 Saitek Industries 的 Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant 感受所有您喜愛的飛機的力量。 許多飛行模擬遊戲玩家僅限於使用鼠標和鍵盤來操縱飛機控件,但這個非常逼真的模疑器讓您可以像在實際飛機上一樣進行飛行。

3個操控桿具有逼真的油門、混合氣和螺旋槳控制裝置,可讓您手動輸入控制調整,包括使用反推力。此外,該裝置具有三個雙向搖臂開關,可提供多達 6 個潛在的按鈕輸入 - 非常適合展開襟翼、調整配平的輸入和各種其他飛行甲板的友好用途。

兼容 Windows® 10、Windows 8.1、Windows 7 操作系統。 採用 Saitek 的智能技術 (SST) 軟件,使用戶能夠自定義控制功能,以適應他們獨特的遊戲風格。

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