Cessna 3D Logo Cap - Adult (Unisex)


顏色: NAVY


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顏色: NAVY, Stone
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About Me:

When Clyde Cessna taught himself to fly in 1911, it was the start of a unique relationship between man and machine. To thousands of airmen and women today, the name “Cessna” has come to symbolize flying itself. Our CESSNA Vintage reissue licensed products are a salute to this legendary aviation icon. The Cessna Aircraft cap features Cessna’s logo in a 3D embroidery.

- One Size (adjustable velcro back strap)
- Circumference: 59-67cm (±2cm)



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當克萊德塞斯納在 1911 年自學飛行時,這是人與機器之間獨特關係的開始。 對於今天成千上萬的飛行員來說,“塞斯納”這個名字已經成為飛行本身的象徵。 我們的 CESSNA Vintage 再版授權產品是對這位傳奇航空偶像的致敬。 Cessna Aircraft 帽子採用 3D 刺繡,繡上Cessna的標誌。



- 均碼 (可調節魔術貼背帶)

- 頭圍: 59-67cm (±2cm)

**訂單將於 1 - 2 個工作日內處理並確認(不包括週末和假日)。 送貨時間將根據產品性質和不同地區的送貨狀態而有所變化。 發貨前會發送一封電子郵件以作通知。

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NAVY, Stone