Logitech Flight Multi Panel


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The Logitech G Flight Multi Panel Professional Simulator Autopilot Controller is a Logitech product with the advantage of flying using autopilot in real-time. G Flight Multipanel is Ready to act with a stunning LED display, and this complete autopilot works in real-time you need flight simulation software main you can download it here.

The G Flight Multipanel also does not need to face annoying screen controls because all of them have been estimated through test tests. Of course, they are ready to be installed in Logitech G Flight Yoke System or your unique cockpit device, as well as integrated buttons adjusting the frequency unit for automatic selection because it relies on speed, so does the additional function makes it easy to adjust the throttle, wings and elevator trim on your airplane.

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利用可即時搭配主流飛行模擬軟體使用的全功能自動駕駛 LED 顯示器,開始操縱飛機。無須耗神處理螢幕上的控制項,其已安裝到您的Logitech G 系列飛行遊戲操縱桿系統或自訂駕駛艙設備中,隨時可供使用。整合的撥動調整頻率裝置可讓您進行快速選擇。還有其他功能可讓您更能輕鬆地調整飛機油門、襟翼和升降舵配平片。 

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