National Air Service Cap - Adult (Unisex)


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Product Details:

- Made of 100% brushed cotton

- Double-layer felt appliqué

- Pratt & Whitney Turbine powered CL-415 embroidered on the right side

- Slate

- Imported


- One Size (adjustable velcro back strap)
- Circumference: 59-67cm (±2cm)

About Me:

The National Air Service ‘Forestry Branch’ design was created to acknowledge the contributions of Aerial Firefighting Crews and Aircraft to the ever-increasing threat of forest fires. The Canadair CL-215 was the first aircraft designed specifically for water bombing and we feature the Pratt and Whitney Turbine powered CL-415 on our cap and shirt. Northern Ontario forestry service veterans will see the inspiration the OPAS and present base of the Canadian Bush Plane Heritage Museum continues to provide to present and future generations and to our designs.


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- 100% 由絨面斜紋棉布製成

- 右側繡有 Pratt & Whitney Turbine 動力 CL-415

- 進口



- 均碼 (可調節魔術貼背帶)

- 頭圍: 59-67cm (±2cm)



國家航空服務“Forestry Branch”的設計是為了答謝空中消防人員和飛機對森林火災的威脅所做的貢獻。 Canadair CL-215 是第一款以水轟炸設計的飛機,在帽子和襯衫上採用了CL-415普惠渦輪機驅動。安大略省北部林業服務退伍軍人看到 OPAS 和加拿大布什飛機遺產博物館的現有基地繼續為當代和後代以及我們的設計提供的靈感。


**訂單將在 2 - 3 個工作日內處理(不包括週末和節假日)。確認的訂單將在 7 - 10 個工作日內交付。對於特定訂單,交貨可能需要額外的 3 - 5 個工作日,並在發貨前發送通知電子郵件。