Student Pilot Preparation Program

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The Student Pilot Preparation Program (SPPP) is an all-in-one flight training package to prepare students to earn their private pilot certificate, with ground school theory, flight simulation training and test preparation. The program equips students with the essential aviaiton knowledge to embark on their journey in obtaining a Private Pilot Licence

The students will learn from commercial pilots through our comprehensive training and experience the airline’s standard flight training in our state-of-the-art flight simulator

Course Structure

Phase A: Basic

  • Boeing Jeppesen accredited Private Pilot Online Part 61 (1-Year Subscription)

Phase B: First Solo Course in Flight Simulator (Aero Cadet)

  • Flight Training on Aerosim Flight Simulator (Aero Cadet)
  • Equip students with the essential flying skills to achieve their first solo flight (5 lessons, 10 Hours in total)
Optional Add-on
  • Face-to-Face Private Pilot License Ground Theory Course (Module 1 and 2 – 30 lessons, 60 Hours in total) (+HKD 8,000)
  • Module 1 :
    – Aerodynamics (6 Lessons)
    – Aircraft System (5 Lessons)
    – Navigation (4 Lessons)
  • Module 2 :
    – Meteorology (5 Lessons)
    – Air Law (2 Lessons)
    – Aircraft Performance (3 Lessons)
    – Human Factor (3 Lessons)
    – Communication (2 Lessons)