Airport Management


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Airport Management is an up-to-date and industry-relevant textbook providing useful insight into all aspects of airports. With more than a decade of experience as an airport administrator, author Dr. Daniel Prather, A.A.E, CAM, provides a valuable, real-world perspective with an emphasis on the practical application required for the successful management and operation of airports. This comprehensive resource covers:

  • history of airports and the airline industry
  • airport structure and ownership
  • air traffic, capacity, and delay—and techniques to manage demand
  • airport planning and the role of aviation activity forecasts
  • design and construction
  • environmental impacts and regulatory compliance
  • airport operations and maintenance, with a focus on 14 CFR Part 139
  • safety and security
  • marketing
  • governmental, legal, and public relations
  • properties, contracts, and commercial development
  • financial management, capital development funding, and the economic impact of airports
  • future challenges and opportunities for airports

Written in an easy-to-read format with full-color illustrations throughout, each chapter contains objectives, key terms, questions for review and discussion, and suggested resources for further study. Airport Management provides a comprehensive introduction to this career as well as useful scenarios and case studies to equip airport professionals with the essential knowledge and tools to solve contemporary issues faced on the job.


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機場管理是一本與行業相關的最新教科書,提供對機場各個方面的有用見解。 作者 Daniel Prather 博士 (A.A.E, CAM) 擁有十多年的機場管理員經驗,他提供了寶貴的現實世界視角,強調成功管理和運營機場所需的實際應用。 該綜合資源涵蓋:

  • 機場和航空業的歷史
  • 機場結構和擁有權
  • 空中交通、容量和延誤——以及管理需求的技術
  • 機場規劃和航空活動預測的作用
  • 設計與結構
  • 環境影響和法規遵從
  • 機場運營和維護
  • 安全和保安
  • 營銷
  • 政府、法律和公共關係
  • 物業、合同和商業發展
  • 財務管理、資本開發資金和機場的經濟影響
  • 機場未來的挑戰和機遇

每章以易於閱讀的格式編寫,並配有全彩色插圖,包含目標、關鍵術語、供檢閱和討論的問題,以供進一步學習的建議資源。 機場管理提供了對該職業的全面介紹以及有用的場景和案例研究,為機場專業人員提供必要的知識和工具,以解決工作中面臨的問題。


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