Bose A30 Aviation Headset


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Material No.:  857641-3120 

What’s in the box?

- A30 Aviation Headset
- Carry case
- 3.5 mm aux audio cable
- 2 AA batteries
- Control module hanger



21 cm H x 17 cm W x 8 cm D



Connect wirelessly to mobile devices, audio systems and electronic flight bags. This Bluetooth headset includes HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, BLE and Multipoint with the ability to add more profiles in the future.


Power Sources:

Headset can be powered from multiple battery chemistry types, including rechargeables. Aircraft-powered units will bypass batteries when aircraft power is applied. USB connection in the control module can also power the headset.


Microphone (Electret):

Noise cancelling microphone provides clear communication with reduced background noise. Electret and 5 ohm and 150 dynamic microphone options are also available.



- The warranty for the Bose A30 Aviation Headset covers five years from the date of purchase and includes defects in material and workmanship with parts, labour and one-way return postage from Bose—all provided at no charge to the customer.

- We maintain a dedicated FAA-certified repair station to support all versions of Bose aviation headsets and have certified repair centres around the globe to provide timely services [pdf, page 49].


**Orders will be processed and confirmed within 1-2 working days (excluding weekends and holidays). Delivery time will vary among products and delivery status of different districts. A notification email will be sent before shipping.




- A30 航空耳機
- 便攜盒
- 3.5 毫米 AUX 音頻線
- 2 顆 AA 電池
- 控制模組掛架


高 21 厘米 x 闊 17 厘米 x 深 8 厘米(頭戴重量 404 克)



無線連接至流動裝置、音訊系統和電子飛行包。這款藍牙耳機配備 HFP、A2DP、AVRCP、BLE 和多點技術,並可以在日後支援更多規格。



耳機可以由多種電池化學物質供電,包括充電式電池。當使用飛機電源時,由飛機供電的設備將繞過電池。控制模組中的 USB 連接也可以為耳機供電。



噪麥克風可減少背景噪音,同時提供清晰通訊。此外亦提供駐極體和 5 歐姆及 150 歐姆動態麥克風選項。



- Bose A30 航空耳機的保養期為自購買日起計五年內,保養範圍包括材料和工藝方面的缺陷,而零件和人工費用以及由 Bose 提供的單程退貨運費均不會向客戶收取。

- 我們設有經 FAA 認證的專門維修站,以支援所有型號的 Bose 航空耳機;另於全球各地設有經認證的維修中心,可及時提供服務(PDF, 第49頁)。


**訂單將於 1 - 2 個工作日內處理並確認(不包括週末和假日)。 送貨時間將根據產品性質和不同地區的送貨狀態而有所變化。 發貨前會發送一封電子郵件以作通知。