Honeycomb CHARLIE RUDDER PEDALS (Pre-order)


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The Honeycomb Charlie Rudder Pedals are designed to provide pilots with the most realistic and immersive flight experience possible. Featuring a durable aluminium construction and all new innovative belt drive system, the pedals provide a revolutionary experience when it comes to feeling connected to the aircraft’s flight controls. Using the latest generation of magnetic Hall Effect sensors, the pedals have more precise coordination in flight and minimize over correction and are fully adjustable to fit any pilot's needs. With the high friction surface strips and deployable carpet spikes included, unwanted slipping will be a thing of the past.

Product Features:

● All Alloy Metal Pedals
● Left and Right Toe Brake Axis
● Adjustable Pedal Angles
● Realistic Mechanical Movement
● Reversible Carpet Spikes with Large Rubber Grip Surface
● Adjustable Tension Knob


System Compatibility: PC, MAC / Alpha Flight Controls XPC & Honeycomb Xbox Hub are required for Xbox Series X|S Compatibility*

Connectivity: USB-C to USB (Cable included)

Software Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 12, Prepar3D

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty


**Orders will be processed and confirmed within 1-2 working days (excluding weekends and holidays). Delivery time will vary among products and delivery status of different districts. A notification email will be sent before shipping.


Honeycomb Charlie 方向舵踏板旨在為飛行員提供最真實、最身臨其境的飛行體驗。踏板採用耐用的鋁製結構和全新的創新皮帶驅動系統,在與飛機飛行控制裝置的連接感覺方面提供了革命性的體驗。使用最新一代的磁性霍爾效應感測器,踏板在飛行中具有更精確的協調性,最大限度地減少過度校正,並且完全可調,以滿足任何飛行員的需求。憑藉高摩擦表面條和可展開的地毯釘,不必要的滑動將成為過去。



● 左、右腳趾煞車軸
● 可調式踏板角度
● 逼真的機械運動
● 具有大橡膠抓握表面的可翻轉地毯釘
● 可調式張力旋鈕



系統相容性: Xbox Series X|S 相容性需要 PC、MAC / Alpha Flight Controls XPC 和 Honeycomb Xbox Hub*

連接性:  USB-C 至 USB(隨附電纜)

軟體相容性: 微軟飛行模擬器、X-Plane 12、Prepar3D

保固:  2 年有限保固


**訂單將於 1 - 2 個工作日內處理並確認(不包括週末和假日)。 送貨時間將根據產品性質和不同地區的送貨狀態而有所變化。 發貨前會發送一封電子郵件以作通知。