ASA Ultimate Rotating Plotter


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Durable resin won't melt, warp or break in extreme temperatures — guaranteed! Rotating azimuth eases flight planning with direct course readout. 8 scales to meet the needs of all VFR aeronautical charts; nautical on one side, statute on the flip. Nautical-statute conversion scale also included. Made in Korea. Lifetime warranty.

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耐用的樹脂在極端溫度下不會熔化、變形或斷裂。旋轉方位角通過直接航向讀數簡化了飛行計劃。 一共8個刻度,滿足所有VFR航圖的需求; 一方面是航海,另一方面是法規。 還包括航海法規轉換量表。 韓國製造。 終身保修。

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